Acer Sango Kaku coral bark maple


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Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku' - Japanese maple, coral bark maple APPEARANCE : Small elegant deciduous tree with coral-red bark and distinctive hand-shaped maple leaves which turn from spring's pinky-yellow, becoming green in summer, through to golden-yellow in autumn. Sango-kaku translates to coral-tower. USE FOR : Plant as a feature tree in the garden or a large pot. Site carefully to avoid having to prune to fit a too-small space. PLANTING : Needs moist, rich, slightly acid soil in dappled or part shade. Acers will grow in full sun but leaves tend to scorch; avoid an exposed or windy site for the same reason. CARE : Mulch when planting and provide regular water until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. Plants need more water in sunnier locations, especially if container-grown. Add slow-release fertiliser in spring, and mulch to keep roots cool. If you must prune, do this in winter, but plants have an elegant natural shape and shouldn't need it. HEIGHT & WIDTH 4 - 8m H slowly x 2.5 - 4m W